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Keyhole gardening has huge benefits.

Keyhole gardening is for everyone.  Keyhole gardening1 is not just for the elderly and disabled.

Anyone of any diverse ability can appreciate being able to garden on a waist or chest high plant bed with out it being a necessity of the task to bend over or be on your hands & knees to do the required work daily.


Keyhole gardening is a great way to easily reuse household  compostable materials like grey water, dryer lint, egg shells, chicken or  rabbit poo, corn or potato based plastics, food scraps, and other biodegradable  materials.  Keyhole gardening is a way  for elderly people, disabled people, and any other category of creative  companion food producing garden hobbyists to produce a lot of food much easier.


The best thing about keyhole gardening is that people don’t  have to bend over to work in the garden.  Keyhole gardens are built to be waist high or chest high.


Some keyhole gardens are built, (landscaped), by  children.  This extremely high raised  bed  concept makes the long term gardening care work easy for kids to reach.  Keyhole gardening is as easy as washing dishes  in the kitchen  sink by hand.


Keyhole gardening removes a lot of the strain on the lower  back for a gardener.


Keyhole garden’s are great for the elderly who may have a  hard time bending over, or run out of energy if they are working in a bent  position for a long period of time.


People with various types of disabilities have found that  keyhole gardening is a much more accessible way to garden.


People who do not depend on light to get daily tasks done, due  to blindness, of one form or another, find keyhole gardening much more  efficient.


Reaching into the plant growth base at abdomen level makes  it easy for a blind gardener to tell what the plants are by feel:  And be able to know by texture and shape which  plant is which without trampling the plants under their feet, or damaging the  foliage with the swing of the space feeling cane.


People in wheel chairs can build the garden themselves for  the most part.  Since the keyhole garden  is build from the ground up there is no digging that requires the gardener to  be standing above or kneeling in the garden bed.


A person confined to a chair, by in large, do not need  the help of any other diversely-abled person.  The wheel chair gardener can pull out the farmers almanac, and by reading notice that the  tide and the moon are right on point that night for planting a particular crop, and  then hurry outside to do the planting in the keyhole garden themselves.


The key to the hole allows the entire garden to be walked  into.  This is a way to keep every part of the garden within arms reach.


A keyhole garden usually has what ever biodegradable compost  is available piled up in a circle.  The  circle pile is set up like a pie with a piece missing.


This missing piece is the keyhole.  It allows the gardener or anyone else to  reach the center.  Being able to reach  the center of the keyhole garden has several practical functions.


Gray water can be poured into the center.  A permeable cylinder, made from cloth or a combination of impenetrable and permeable materials are used to create the catchment.  This creativity is up to the gardener.


Scraps can be thrown the center as well.  Often this can create a sun brewed compost  tea.


The inside of the pie slice, and the radius of the keyhole  garden holds it shape.   This is formed from flat rocks being piled up in the correct shape as dirt and compost are placed in to raise the accessible floor of the keyhole  garden.


Keyhole gardens are helping people of nearly every sort of ability and level to sow seed, conserve water, save time, companion plant, rotate crops, weed out non-companion plants, harvest, rotate,  and sow for the next quarterly season easily without having to bend over at all to do garden work.



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