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Landscaping with Decorative Rock


Landscaping for appealing impact though decorative rock can be as simple as imitating the flow of a stream:  Or as refined as a symbolic decorative Zen garden.  Simple rock gardens, water garden basins, bog garden boarders, Japanese gardens are popular decorative genres. Many decorative rock gardening ideas are very easy to do.  The outcome of these projects can make a very beautiful back yard decorative landscape feature. 


One concept in decorative rock garden landscaping is to place rocks selected for shape, texture, diameter, as well as color to creatively draw an invisible down scaled river like pathway. This passage often is created with slightly more defined boarder lines.  The deliberate landscaping use of rocks for the stone’s particular size, color, texture, and form is important.


More complex designs that focus on rock landscaping to create protective ledges for koi to hide under, and make the empty space of a lawn, or water-body matter more. 


With koi and goldfish ponds landscaped ledges decoratively reach out over the surface of the water.  The idea behind decorative protection is that the ledge is deliberately too small for raccoons and other predators to climb out on.  The idea behind this sort of decorative rock landscaping is to make it easy for koi, or other water garden animal life to swim out of the reach of predators.


If your home set on a steep slow, creating a kebidi can make great use of both rain water, grey water (house hold water used for dishes and other cleaning), and any other irrigation method.   Kebidis landscaped for any size slope make great decorative sense.


Reshaping a hill with a decorative rock wall boarder adds beautiful form and function to any hillside project.   And adds a sense of multiple levels to slopes and otherwise flatter spaces.


Landscaping with rocks helps retain soil.  Decorative rock walls accent street scenes, and retain soil in front & side yards that are elevated above street level.  Key hole gardens also are a creative way to utilize rock in landscaping.


Rocks are ideal accents in rain gardens.  They are also essential to French drain function.


Well placed under repeated decorative rock, accentuates the emptiness in the space of the yard’s composition in the same way well placed acurus brings clarity to a quiet water feature’s still surface. 


Decorative rock should fit the spirit of the saying that “less is more.”  This type of rock is referred to often in landscaping as “accent boulders.”  Just like a sole set of plants in a water garden porch plant pot sparse reserve has ornamental purpose.  The accented unbusy appearance is pleasing to the eye.


When the decorative rock is set into the ground a half foot or less something interesting happens.  This small bit of landscaping makes the rock feel like it is jutting out of the ground, is secure, and didn’t just fall there.  The understated natural mystery as to how innate the rock is conveys a sense of security in the mind of an admirer.


At first look, rocks placed in the sand of decorative Zen gardens convey an overwhelming calm.  This tranquility comes from not just the rock, but the landscaped void of rock giving way to a clear view of the pattern raked sand tat is a record of the motion it took to create it, now still. 


By looking at the rock and the sand we also look at the emptiness.  Landscaping with decorative rock should convey this savvy deliberate outline of the clear tranquility restful home.





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